Outside of our work, we’re just as dedicated to the communities that we call home.

Our team is proud to be a crucial part of bringing businesses to the communities that need them, not only helping those businesses to thrive, but giving communities more opportunities for growth – new jobs, new shops, and new experiences.

The Shepherd Hotel

The Shepherd Hotel is an upscale boutique hotel with it’s first location currently in development in the heart of downtown Clemson.

The hotel’s architecture and interior design are meticulously crafted to celebrate southern hospitality and the culture of Clemson family. Nestled on the hotel’s first floor, The Delish Sisters Restaurant will welcome guests with homestyle, colorful, South African-inspired cuisine, “Tasty food made with love”.

The goal of The Shepherd Hotel and Delish Sisters Restaurant is to build a scalable and sustainable business model by sponsoring the ClemsonLIFE program to approach the employment of adults with intellectual disabilities as an extraordinary business opportunity.

Sbonelo Scholarship Foundation

The Sbonelo Scholarship Foundation is a program created to facilitate high school scholarships for deserving, disadvantaged South African students with the necessary leadership aptitude and fortitude so that they can gain acceptance into the best universities and one day ‘lead by example’ and ‘give back’ to their families, their businesses, their community, their country, the African continent, and our world.

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