We drive results through creativity and persistence.

The combination of investing in operating companies while developing real estate makes Pavilion stand out among other build-to-suit competitors. Because we see both sides of the picture, we develop the best properties in the most desirable locations. By truly investing in your business we share your vision to overcome obstacles and exceed expectations.

Our team is here to penetrate the markets you desire with creativity and persistence.

Development Process

Pavilion approaches each new development with a nine-step process.

Encompassing all aspects of development, from location sourcing to construction completion, this is how we bring your development to life.

Align Interests

Pavilion works hand in hand with tenant to identify their goals and expectations. This work ensures that Pavilion can obtain the best possible location for the tenant while keeping land costs low.

Define Markets

Pavilion will maintain communication with Tenants to make sure all market and demographic needs are met and exceeded.

Select Industry

Pavilion has a vast network of brokers across the country that are able to provide current information and updates on changing local market conditions.

Begin Site Procurement

Pavilion will work closely with both the broker to secure the most promising site options

Submit Preliminary Site Location Options To Client

Pavilion provides a preliminary overview of the top sites in the market that fit our tenants needs. These sites provide value feedback to us to help refine our search to find the perfect site for each and every client

Site Tour

Pavilions marketing and research department will prepare a state of the art site package before the tour of not only the site but the entire market around the site.

Client Preliminary Site Approval

Following tours of all possible sites in the market the tenant will provide approval for Pavilion to move forward with early stages of due diligence to make the site a reality.

Pavilion Improvement Completion Process

Pavilion will work with the best local contractors and specialists to provide a top tier building at the lowest possible cost to the tenant.

Certificate of Occupancy

Following a rigorous set of in house inspections Pavilion will turn the building over to the tenant to begin operations.

Lead with integrity. Build with trust.

Pavilion is dedicated to conducting business with the highest level of honesty, integrity, and ongoing client support.

We know that you have to trust us to be your guide when it comes to land development. Our team goes above and beyond to deliver the best possible results for your investments.